Abbott Specialist Supply Chain in Abbott Park, Illinois

At Abbott, we're committed to helping people live their best possible life through the power of health. For more than 125 years, we've brought new products and technologies to the world -- in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices and branded generic pharmaceuticals -- that create more possibilities for more people at all stages of life. Today, 99,000 of us are working to help people live not just longer, but better, in the more than 150 countries we serve.

Main Job Responsibilities:

  • Analyze planning requirements and initiate appropriate action to support the master schedule or independent demands.

  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system.

  • Schedule Manufacturing Operation to ensure availability of items under planners control with minimum negative impact on manufacturing.

  • Plan manufacturing schedules to efficiently utilize facilities; diagnose manufacturing and QC testing problems to minimize interruption to production.

  • Ensure finished goods and work-in-process availability. Forecast requirements and schedule production to meet these requirements.

  • Respond to unplanned demand or quality problems. May suggest changes to production schedules to meet changing production constraints.

  • Perform system maintenance and updates to insure database integrity for planning fields and files. Utilize personal computer tools to perform analysis and provide recommendations to management.

  • Maintain raw material and work in process inventories in accordance with pre-determined inventory levels and targets.

  • Monitor inventories and take action as appropriate. Develop procurement strategies for internal and external supplies compatible with economic; supply and quality goals; understand raw materials needs and translate these needs into inventory plans and strategies.

  • Manage material flow from external and internal suppliers through manufacturing channels to achieve maximum production efficiency; minimizing waste and impacts to customers.

  • Understands and applies manufacturing systems; interprets manufacturing requirements.

  • Creates simulation models; integrates manufacturing needs from multiple areas; creates production schedules and inventory management plans; Provides direction to internal and external personnel regarding planning and commitment to schedules; system applications and performance reporting.

  • Advise them on planning responsibilities; inventory levels; goals and objectives. Actively participates in problem solving; goal setting and continuous improvement projects.

  • Act as liaison between other departments to minimize impact on schedules of changes in product structures or internal quality issues.

  • Represents the planning group with internal and external suppliers to support material planning. Trains others within the area; represents department on projects with internal clients.; Maintains professional contact with management of all disciplines.

  • This contact serves as the focal point for analysis and communications. Assist in training others in problem solving and materials management techniques. ; Plans Activity Structure and Relationships: Makes; or provides input to; plans to accomplish assigned activities to specification (cost; quality; time); sets time lines to accomplish goals.

Additional Job Responsibilities:

  • Accomplishes Goals Makes plans to accomplish assigned activities and projects; establishes priorities to handle competing demands; optimizes use of available resources; estimates time and resources necessary to complete tasks or projects.; Interprets Results/Recommends Options.

  • Uses personal computers and mainframe applications to break down and interpret large amounts of data; draws conclusions and recommends options to achieve objectives; identifies problems or issues and recommends actions to address them.

  • Interprets Data and Information: Uses a personal computer to collect; analyze; and transmit financial and other technical data and information; forecasts future trends; and assess the impact of proposed decisions and actions on other areas of the organization; Implements Activities: executes and revises plans as needed to accomplish assigned individual tasks to meet expectations (cost; performance; quality; time).

  • Implements Plan; implements changes or improvements and incorporates into the routine operations of the organization; ensures that there are no loose ends; reviews open issues to improve long term success; (higher levels reviews OP's change requests; etc.) incorporates into the day to day operations of the area.; Gathers Financial Data: Identifies; gathers; financial information to assist in decision making; recognizes the type of information relevant to the issues under study and identifies sources.

  • Utilizes Financial Information: Makes day-to-day decisions which demonstrate a basic understanding of the financial business drivers (e.g.; ROI; factory costs) and their inter-relationships.; Adapts Information to Customer Needs: Adjusts communication style and medium (oral; written; electronic or formal presentation) to meet the needs of the receiver (peers; customers; vendors; managers); delivers only important information; uses appropriate level of language and detail for the receiver.

  • Provides Information: Shares information with appropriate frequency and timeliness so as to benefit the receiver; distributes background information prior to meetings; allows for adequate response time when making requests; keeps parties potentially affected by decisions apprised of events. ; Makes Decisions: Makes timely decisions with the best available information.Confronts Issues: Confronts issues in a constructive manner and at an appropriate organizational level.

  • Influences Outcomes: Constructively contributes to the decision making process of the work team and supports the teams decision. ; Receives/Gives Feedback: Asks for and gives feedback on the strengths and development needs of self.Identifies Future Development Needs: Translates changes in business goals and objectives into the skills; knowledge and experience needed for future work.Plans for Development: Prepares a plan that sets appropriate development goals; establishes timelines; identifies resources; and describes behavioral outcomes.Achieves Development Goals: Balances the time needed for accomplishing current work and achieving development goals and applies newly developed knowledge; skills and experience to the job.; Participates as a Team Member or Leader : Contributes to the definition of the team's mission; objectives; and strategies; accepts team decisions and works toward their implementation; establishes and supports the norms and conditions for a work environment that supports team productivity; draws on the strengths of each team member; seeks input of team members; works cross functionally to resolve issues.; Recognizes Risk: Recognizes risk relative to procedures and takes appropriate action.Quantifies Risk: Identifies and quantifies the financial considerations associated with decisions.

  • Evaluates Risk/Reward Trade Offs: Evaluates the risks associated with various alternatives such as the use of internal resources versus outsourcing; trade-offs regarding people and investments; and resource allocation; recommends actions and develops responses to cope with various scenarios. ; Stays Current: Demonstrates an awareness of the changing competitive; technological; healthcare; and regulatory environments; and understands the broad market for the division's products and services.

  • Models Future Trends: Builds models and analytical tools to anticipate the future and to recommend actions to meet future business challenges.; Aligns Work with Function Priorities: Understands functional strategy and carries out responsibilities in line with functional priorities; understands the scope of processes.

  • Develops Tactics: Recommends changes to operational practices to accommodate internal and external customer needs; reviews work practices to identify changes that will support long term area objectives.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Abbot welcomes and encourages diversity in our workforce.

We provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities.

To request accommodation, please call 224-667-4913 or email