Abbott Supervisor, Engineering in Irving, Texas

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Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system. Provide supervision and direction to a group engaged in basic product or process development /support for a single discipline. Ensure that plans are implemented and milestones are achieved within budget.

Main Responsibilities:

Develop project plans,ensure milestones are met and adjust resources as required to meet commitments.

Provide input to budget.

Develop area goals and aligns with business objectives.

Design and analyze solutions to meet discrete product or process issues.

Maintain current technical skills and business function expertise.

Recommends an organization design that responds to the needs of the business and provides a meaningful work experience for employees.

Anticipate issues and their impact on projects and make recommendations for resolution.

Influence and inspire others to follow a plan of action.

Influence and visibility are primarily within the immediate organization.

Delegates authority appropriate to the individual or team and to the scope of the project.

Encourage and reward decisive,effective action,Presents information to and elicits comments from individuals and groups,facilitates group processes and teamwork.

Maintain contact with direct reports to provide a communication link with management.

Keeps management informed or personnel or project developments.

Supports Analysis and Design of Simple Products or Processes: Identifies cause-effect relationships and uses technical knowledge and experiences to recommend and execute options.

Integrates subsystems and components in total system design,develops specifications and customer requirements.

Example: Organize experimental data generated on AxSYM bearing grease,quantify the risks and present recommendations to management.,Translates Goals to Tasks: Develops detailed action plans and time requirements within area to achieve defined objectives.

Balances the workload across the area and staffs projects with the appropriate skills.

Example: Develops key milestones and deliverables for cost reduction project which includes prototypes,testing,validation,rework requirements,field service requirements and factory/field cut in date.

Organizes and Executes Activities: Coordinates the detailed timeline,key milestones and resources to complete projects within area.

Example: Coordinates timelines,key milestones and resources to complete cost reduction projects within department.

Staffs Positions: Recruits,interviews,and selects candidates to fill openings.

Example: Attends Engineering Job Fairs and interviews candidates.

Provides input for advertisements and prepares job description requirements,Utilizes Financial Information: Maintains projects within expense budgets.

Considers cost of alternatives when making decisions and/or recommendations.

Example: Determines whether to utilize contract employees or schedule overtime while staying within budget guidelines.

Exchanges Information: Exchanges information with appropriate frequency and within a time frame to maximize its utility and promote cross functional collaboration,verifies that the message was understood.

Example: Communicates potential for cost/time over runs early enough to allow corrective action to be taken.

Communicates obsolescence issues to avoid line shutdown.

Adapts Information to Customer Needs: Delivers communications tailored to the needs of the receiver,speaks and writes clearly and concisely.

Example: Avoids technical jargon,uses customer terminology,balances detail versus summary style suitable for the audience.

Makes Presentations: Delivers informational presentations,communicates purpose and desired outcomes,keeps to time frames and presents organized ideas persuasively.

Example: Presents information at Technical Reviews.

Presents group's departmental goals.

Actively Listens: Listens actively to acquire information and understand the others viewpoint.

Example: Listens without interruption to avoid assuming knowledge of what the individual will say.

Builds Relationships: Develops an understanding of others’ needs,promoting common goals,and follows through on commitments.

Example: Develops and fosters confidence between multiple managers/supervisors in order to provide the best possible service with limited resources.

Seeks periodic feedback to ensure satisfaction is being met.

Resolves Conflicts: Faces conflicts and takes initiative to resolve issues constructively so all parties can be productive,knows when to involve others.

Example: Resolves issues with individuals or groups in a constructive manner while maintaining integrity,respect and high motivation for the individual or group.

Facilitates Teamwork: Develops team vision/mission,links mission to division and organization missions,encourages collaboration,works with team to clarify roles and expectations,works just as effectively as a member and as the leader,manages group process in team meeting utilizing effective meeting skills.

Reinforces others efforts.

Meets personal commitments to the team.

Example: In a new organization,asks team members to describe the departments responsibilities and authority.

Compares the results with managers’ expectations.

Jointly reviews the GAPS with team members and decides on actions to cover the gaps.

Frequently reviews the organization's charter until all different functions are balanced in terms of responsibilities and resources.

Involves staff in planning,problem solving and decision making.

Shares successes.

Creates opportunities for cross functional teamwork to improve product development cycle.

Direct Others and Operations: Coordinates the efforts of multiple groups to achieve goals,delegates work to lowest capable level,monitors status of plans/projects and gives feedback and redirects efforts when necessary,faces people problems quickly and directly.

Example: Ensures team members have a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Makes Decisions: Makes timely decisions,considers alternatives and evaluates risk,uses sound judgment based on facts and experience.

Example: With incomplete data,analyzes the risk of different options to material and tool changes considering cost,time,probability of functional success and the impact to production and field instruments.

Ensures High Performance: Sets performance standard and holds people accountable,takes initiative to correct performance problems.

Example: Collaboratively establishes meaningful and measurable stretch goals for staff,deals with performance issues in a timely manner establishing meaningful corrective action.

Motivates Staff and Others: Motivates staff and team or project members by making each individual feel their work is important,delegates both routine and important tasks and decisions,shares ownership and visibility.

Example: Leads by example,establishes a shared vision and team mission statements,uses/creates reward and recognition incentives.

Recognize the accomplishments in a timely fashion.

Influences Outcomes: Uses constructive techniques to persuade,convince or influence others to follow plan of action,influences policies,events through others,influences across functions without authority.

Example: Influences across functions without authority,builds coalitions.

Interprets site,division,corporate regulatory policies for manufacturing material to optimize the documentation requirements for manufacturing materials.

Establishes a Development Culture: Encourages individuals to improve their own and others' performance by seeking and providing feedback,learning from past experience,and mentoring/coaching others,accepts feedback and takes responsibility for own mistakes,provides challenges and opportunity to develop,coaches and guides to improve others' performance,holds frequent development discussions,actively exports and advances talented people.

Example: Regularly reviews written development plans of staff.

Ensures appropriate training and development activities are available to individual.

Provides timely feedback and opportunities for development.

Plans for Future Development Needs: Translates changes in business goals and objectives into skills,knowledge and experience needed for future work,prepares a plan for self and team that sets appropriate development goals,establishes timelines,identifies resources,and describes behavioral outcome.

Example: Outlines potential realistic position changes and builds skills needed to attain the position,performs gap analysis of competencies and skills versus own individual career objectives.

Identifies skills required to move from individual contributor to management.

Supports Achievement of Development Goals: Balances the time needed for accomplishing current work and achieving development goals,applies newly developed skills,knowledge and experience to the job,recognizes and rewards development.

Example: Sponsors team learning and development activities such as product development workshops,sets aside time or opportunity for development activities,makes assignments that allow staff mentoring.

Recognizes and Quantifies Risk: Recognizes risk relative to product performance,procedures and regulatory requirements,and takes appropriate action.

Example: Organize experimental data generated on AxSYM bearing grease,quantify the risks and present recommendations to management.

Monitors Technical Innovations: Monitors trends in technology and predicts how that will support or enhance future business needs.

Example: Evaluates process improvements in surface mount technology.

Implement Goals to Support the Vision/Strategy: Implement operational goals to achieve critical success factors for operational units.

Example: Stays current within discipline.

Develops impact goals to support the vision.


BS in engineering preferred. Associate degree acceptable with appropriate experience. Knowledge of regulations and standards affecting IVDs and Biologics. Minimum of three years experience in engineering discipline which includes project leadership responsibilities.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Abbot welcomes and encourages diversity in our workforce.

We provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with disabilities.

To request accommodation, please call 224-667-4913 or email